Swimming hole in Las Gryetas in Galapagos

Many people often wonder: What are the things I can do on the Galapagos Islands of Sciences without naturalist guide? The answer is: a lot! There are endless possibilities for a variety of things that can be done, and trips to keep you busy, that allows you to plunge into the wildlife of the Galapagos and the infinite beauty.

This second part of the series of 6 chapters of "Las Grietas" on the island of Santa Cruz. Direct translation "grieta" means a crack or fissure. Las Gryetas – a place where you can swim in the cool ocean water between two high cliffs, where the land was opened as a "crack" or "crack".

To get to this amazing place from Puerto Aory, visitors must go to the "reflection-Lado" ( "the other side") on high-speed taxi (60 cents) from the main pier in front of the park, and volleyball. From here follow the signs to the hotel Finch Bay. With the ocean on the left and the hotel Finch Bay case, continue along the rock wall to the end, where you will find the path that comes from the right side. From here you go on a 15 minute trail, which starts with a sandy and rocky, and there through the cross-cross the lava field, through the cactus forest and then up along the sandy path to the top of Las Gryetas. It is definitely recommended to wear shoes or runners with closed fingers, because the lava is hot and spicy.

Arriving in Gryet, you will find some narrow wooden steps leading to the bladder large boulders. From here you can climb into the water carefully. A pair of waterproof shoes would be good for swimming here because the underwater rocks slippery with algae and the entry and exit into the water can be difficult.

Locals can often be seen jumping from different levels of the cliff, but it is not recommended as an area where you need to land your jump is very specific. Be careful and always check to see how and where other jump before making the jump!

While underwater in Las Gryetase little notice, because it has a small hole for the passage of the water, the view is impressive: like swimming in a secret cove on the scene of Jurassic Park, or "Never never pryzyamlyaysya If you raft to the end of the first! the pool and climb the rocky division, you will come to another similar swim the channel at the end of the bay there is a rocky section on the right side, about one meter from the bottom of the ocean floor, there is a small passage:.. tunnel a meter with one long breath you. you can make g it is easy enough on the other side, and this makes for some suitable photos!

Be sure to leave Las Grietas long before sunset, because the path is not lit, and the road is even less clearly defined the night!

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Why Rent a Villa in Mikonos?

The Myconos is one of the most attractive islands in the Mediterranean Sea. The island's capital city is called Chora and its population has increased ten thousand people. Sycamore and Tino islands border border Mikonos It is one of the first islands that started developing tourism and currently it can show the flow of tourists. In addition, it is one of the world's most famous and frequently visited islands. Visitors can appreciate the best part of the island to look like Venice, and it's known as Venice.

If you are planning a tour near some of the Greek islands, make sure you arrange the holiday that is perfectly suitable for you. Do not spend in vain to spend your time and money so that you will pay a visit to the appropriate island. You will always be specific about your choice. For summer summer destinations in Greece, Mikonos are a memorable and unforgettable holiday that lets you hire a villain. You will be able to organize and enjoy your holiday in really beautiful places according to your own preferences. You will take pleasure in the high quality of life during your holiday on the island. Take advantage of the opportunity to break the head and your daily routine for there.

Before visiting the island anyone should feel confident about his decision to explore this particular island. Thank you for the wonderful sunset, traditional food, wonderful beaches that can defeat you in your mind, wonderful views, where you can be an adventure club, endless night life and many more contribute to the island's ranking. The world's top destinations. Whenever you plan to stay in Micronos, talk to your travel consultant and be aware of your package holiday details in Micronos. These are usually included in clubs, as well as accommodation and night at night. But, in my opinion, the best way to revive your holiday like a rental in the rent is to rent a villager. However, anyone can rent a villa due to several different reasons.

Miknos have to be calm? We can easily do this.

Are you interested in living on the island which fascinates and influences all viewers? If so, answer for you is a villain in Mykonos. For your luxury holidays, when you want to relax, make sure you book the exact villas. You can find charter flights in the summer and your holiday can be even more relaxing. In this way, you can easily travel to the nearest islands of Mykonos. But of course, you can choose a package holiday that includes everything related to accommodation and trips to the nearest small islands. Also this kind of holiday agents are involved.

Miknos Villas will take you to the middle of Paradise. It will be absolutely unique and you will have an experience which you will not forget. You can discover good views near beautiful scenery or even on the beach where you can see and hear the flow of water. You will get the chance to feel like myths and paradise.

What Mikonos Trendy?

Have you ever visited a cosmic place? If not, then just go to Mikonas. It's impossible to find something good. This is the ideal place because people of many different countries, nationalities, eras and cultures reach widely every hour! And if we talk about party, there are plenty of beaches that can host a party and at any time you can feel!

In addition, there are several places to get a Villa in Mikonos. Just ask an agent and make sure you get the dream. These villagers are sure that they are better than any other hotel on this island. If you like the sun, clean and clear water, sunshine sky and the nature of the awakened nature you can live in, you can live in an unforgettable experience in the Mikonos. Enjoy the sea and explore a variety of beaches. There are people around the world who maintain peaceful and peaceful atmosphere. So, a villas rental in the Michoacos can meet your requirements on this attractive island, which makes you watch it over and over again.

Different villas for different types of people

If you want to get the full experience of this magic island, you will have to decide to rent a villager entirely. Villas suit everyone and all needs are similar. This means 10 bedroom villas have single bedroom villas. All these villas have one thing in common; They provide VIP personal benefits such as swimming pools, luxury benefits and internet equipment.

There are a few things to mention about people interested in renting a villain in Miknos. All preparations will not have to be like our rocket science to catch an agent. So, contact the agent now book a suitable package for you and go for it!

You can rent a Villa at a wide price, from 80 euro to 800 per night. The price depends on the location of Villa, its view and the convenience available. It depends on how long you stay and how many people stay with you during your vacation. Pick the right choice and Mykonos is waiting for you. Make your dreams come true. Let's start your elf.

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Tips for a Perfect Villa Vacation

Renting a Holiday Villa is a great holiday in one place for your family, which is a great way to get all the things. A holiday holiday rental means that a prefect solution for family holidays, quality or convenience needs no compromises.

Here are 5 of our best tips for finding the perfect Villa rental for you and your family

  • Take some time to do some research on the area you want to live in. Take a look at the trip adviser and talk to those who are already in the area on holidays.
  • Some people think that it is a good place to start looking for free ads, do it carefully – if you save one of these books, what can you do / protect yourself?
  • Ask to talk to previous vacationers on your holiday day, there is nothing more to worry about a better landlord and happy people to contact and ask them to legalize their claims about property.
  • Ask questions about the property, while some landlords advertsing there is not enough space to describe their villas. Ask about the property, talk to them and tell you about the villas, you get a good idea of ​​property and suitability for you and your family.
  • Google Villa's name and location, see what comes up. You can find something that can change the decision to go to a specific destination. Then again you can make sure it is the perfect place for your holiday.

However, you are deciding to rent your holiday villas, when you find your perfect villas, make sure you book it directly. Often people leave their booking in the last minute and lose their perfect holiday.

Best time to visit Ecuador in South America

If you are planning a vacation in Ecuador, the very first thing you need to worry – this is the best time to visit. This beautiful country has an area of ​​283,561 square meters. Km of all the South American continent and was divided into four distinct geographical areas. Thus, there is a mild climate change pressures. Although in different places, there is a different climate, tourists can expect that trip to Ecuador at any time of the year.

In different geographic regions of Ecuador includes La Costa (coast) in the western part of La Sierra (Andean hill) in the north-south, La Amazonia (Amazon rainforest) in the east and the Galapagos Islands, located to the west of the mainland. country. A variety of climate depends on the altitude of the spot. In the period from January to April, the coastal areas are hot and rainy, and year-round in the mountainous areas there is a mild and dry climate. However, the Amazon region, located on the eastern side of the Andes Mountains, divides the temperature of other neighboring areas of tropical forests and can be studied at any time throughout the year.

As a rule, the summer season begins in June and lasts until the last week of September and the winter season – October and lasts until May. For more information about Ecuador, you can contact the tour operators of the country. As they deal with the provision of tourist packages, they will be the most recent weather information & # 39; e in the country.

In Ecuador, there are several tour companies that are known to offer travel packages all year round. Travel consultants working in such companies – is an expert in the management of visitors during a trip to different parts of the country. If you want to enjoy a relaxing holiday in Ecuador, refer to the help from companies that can offer you a tour program according to your preferences and budget.

Some tour operators in Ecuador, is known to provide tour packages at affordable prices. Using excursion programs from reliable companies, you will be able to include all of the adventure activities such as diving in the Galapagos Islands, tours to the mountain states of the Andes, the observation of wildlife in the Amazon rainforest, the Amazon river cruises and more. In addition, some vendors tour services to help visitors find comfortable accommodation in hotels of Ecuador.

Thus, to make a decision to contact a trusted tour operators and come to a memorable trip to Ecuador!

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How to obtain International Flight Flight Entries

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Luna Rosa is drunk in the evening

Recently I was invited to a charming gentleman near Cufin Luna Rosa, where I enjoyed most of the evening. In 1997, Frank Amerila was established as a gelaria and pannicotype, after the renewal it became a full service restaurant in 1997. My date is arranged for a special table. I arrived a few minutes ago and the manager took me to my seat sincerely. Waitress came in a few minutes and took my cocktail order. I gave a big menu and I noticed there was for dinner, they served breakfast and lunch.

In 2010, most employees became partners, among them executive chef Ernesto Devlassi, Day Chef Marvin Barrera, Day Manager John Gargen and Office Manager Bonnie Beer, Nicola Stazack and Aaron Hallibarton. In business, I found this a very good idea. Excellent, loyal employees are generously rewarded, it is not always the right thing to do, but rather to do smart things. As an entrepreneur I have learned the best of myself and it is grateful and rewarded, the shortest way to success

Operated by a team of Italian chef, Luna Rosa uses the best ingredients that the kitchen prepares for a very delicious meal. My salon was, my date was chicken, we cleaned our plate. The service was exceptional. Although there were mostly conversations and laughs, we were able to enjoy our food all around, during the wonderful conversation.

The menu consists of selection of various veal, chicken and seafood, as well as homemade pasta. I subsequently got the best restaurant vote of the year in 2013 and 2015 by the Delray Beach Chamber of Commerce. Since 2013, they are in the number 1 trip trip advisor.

Chefs roast their own coffee beans, bake their own bread, and prepare fresh pasta daily.

They earned the Lula Rosa Wine Specter Award from 2003 to 2016 each year. I enjoyed the service full time and poured a nice cocktail generously. An Italian tratteria at Dellre's A1A is incredible and it has long been loved by many. Flavors, ocean views, as people walk and make fresh comfort very keen in the evening. Although I still did not have the opportunity to experience and enjoy breakfast, I heard it amazing. I officiate at the wedding ceremony across the beach at the beach and I can see how it crowds all the time. You will find them at the Dalere Beach in South Southwest Boulevard and their phone number 561-274-9404

Viewing calm nature, intense excitement and thrill

Galapagos Islands located close to the west of Ecuador. These islands can make stress for adventure and natural scenes of many vacationers. Galapagos park with 18 islands offer a view all the colors of nature. " and his natural habitat of wildlife. Here you will be fascinated by wildlife, environment, bird, aquatic life, natural scenery, hills and cliffs, the sea, beaches, etc.

Each island of the Galapagos have something special to offer to the adventurous and lovers of birds. The beauty of wildlife, exotic birds and beautiful beaches will provide many wonderful memories and unforgettable journey.

Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands – the most famous place in the South American continent. Ecuador – the most beautiful place, which is home to more than a thousand species of birds and other animals. For bird watchers and photographers this place – an ideal destination. Visitors will love the place very often because of environmental experience they get here.

One of the best known and most suitable places with a Ecuador & # 39 is the mountain range of the Andes. Tourists could enjoy these problems, hiking, rafting, camping, etc. in mountain areas. The Galapagos Islands – a place where guests can explore the beauty of nature and wild life.

Whether it's Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands, both offer an unforgettable bird watching, fishing, surfing and suitable treasured experience. So plan your vacation in South America and go to the Galapagos Islands, located to the west of Ecuador.

Moreover, these islands are connected not only with the people who love the fun always admired, but also for those who love the lonely hood. The beaches are located on the islands, it is very safe for sunbathing and relaxation. On the beaches you can explore the exotic sea creatures, under water world and a variety of water landscapes. Holidaymakers can hire professional travelers, that can add up to a lot of memories of his trip.

With the expansion of Internet technology and the Internet there are many web portals where you can find contact information for a variety of road advisors, as well as hotel reservations. This will help you to plan an exotic holiday, filled with sharp unrest, excitement and adventure. Ecuador – a beautiful place full of greenery, while the island of the Galapagos Islands are filled with thrills, marine life, wildlife and cruise unrest.

Fiji Bula Spirit

Fijir Bula Spirit's two weeks in 1999 impressed me.

Now, with a baby, because it stood three long-remembered weeks of the Boa Party, the first Christmas, the family stood closed for the departure. Even so, these were uncharted zones.

For this trip, unlike my first one, how we came out and the backpacker's residence was not going to spend a basement hat (bureau). We had a list of our 9-month old needs, basic kitchen facilities and at the very least our wish list was to join a fan.

Some homework may be needed, after making a lot of hard work online and after phone calls by Becker, it is finally settled. We are only 4 kilometers away from Nadi International Airport at Club Fiji Resort.

Now we needed to go there, I said to myself, it is unknown to fly secretly with a child. But the combination of a well-timed bottle feed and a small dose combination of fenargons gives primary focus to the primary aspects of the equation and potentially tantrums provide a silent point and passes its first test with the flying colors. It can be easily proven to be easier if navigating the customs and immigration lines running smoothly in Nadi.

But in the end, we want to wait to find our driver and patiently wait for our next week to contact us at our home. Under a dirt road for a grid, a few hundred meters away from the main road of the island, we were happy to find a well-decorated painting painted in the traffic advisor photo, as well as the Club Fitzi, found in the waterfall and date fossils of date palms. .

We needed to sort out the gears we needed, and in less time we were quickly resolved by reducing the full cup of the kebab three times. Our everyday regular breakfast, water time, pirates naps on dad, walking along the beach, open air buses live in bus sightseeing and many happy hour drinks before dinner. Feeding food for the sharks and, more importantly, a staff member managed to provide continuous supply bottles of Kayear, especially, which does not suffice for help, encourages the next round of it.

Ani's smile was as true and she took special interest in the kayas and in the morning food strained and kissed and pinched on the cheek and showed an interest in her parents and loved ones with an additional saving part. It was a kind of generosity and affection that would follow us in Fiji, when we used to travel fast on the South Sea island to spend Christmas Day.

I used to work for a long time in tourism, I knew how unique and exotic your office does not matter, even when it is still a work. Especially when on a big holiday, the truth will be told, having friends and family is your first choice. At this time it is difficult to place a sincere smile in that place.

But apparently, the South Sea island crew did not receive that memo. "My family will be gathered together after noon", a boss shirt decorated by the island staff gave me a big, casual smile that he was happy from where he was, thank you very much.

And why not? It did not really get much postcards, which was better than a print minute pole and they put their PC cards in the middle of the South Pacific Ocean. It & # 39; s just a work & # 39; Maybe, but it was certainly enjoyable and it was an attitude shared by everyone's colleagues with its attitude and it helped to raise the friendly hospitality bar at a completely different level.

Finally, with Fia, Fiji opened my eyes, that has a unique set of travels with the little child. An & # 39; open heart & # 39; A Prize in the form of a policy that travels fruitfully to the untimely unpredictable travels.

But then, I would already be better known than having to be there once. This is called due to the spirit of the bull.

And as soon as the Spirit moved towards Kaya, I probably destroyed … although I did not acknowledge that we want to test the theory.