A budget-friendly travel guide, Falcon Island, Aklan


Boracay Island is the most popular Philippine beach destination. It is known as Trip Advisor Travelers' Choice, among the 25 top beaches of Asia in 2013. It attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world with a cosmic beach and local and international themed hotels and restaurants. This article is a simple guide for the first timer touring Boracay Island.

How to go to Boracay Island:

From Manila, at a much lower cost, the airlines go to Calibao and Catalan airports in Aklan province. These include; Cebu Pacific Air, Jess Air and Pail Express (formerly Air Philippines). Try to book your tickets a few months before taking promotion rent.

The Boracay Island is located in Akashan province, which has two airports, Calibau and Catlan Airport. In the capital city of Manila, you can fly to Kalibo airport and take 90-minute shuttle van Caticlan jetty port.

Another option to fly at Caticlan Airport and take a 5-minute tricycle ride to Caticlan jetty port. The Caticlan airport from the island is usually more expensive.

In the port of Caticlan jetty, you will have to go through various windows to pay the mandatory port fee. After, go through the safety and hop on a boat on the island. This is a small 5 minute boat ride.

Once you land on Boracay Island you will have to take a tricycle (a local 3 wheel motor vehicle) in your hotel. Depending on where your hotel is located, the trip can take 15 minutes or more.

Transportation and Terminal Fees:


NAIA Terminal Fee – 200 PHP

In Aklan province

Jetty port from Catalan airport, Tricky Ferry – 50 PHP

Jetty port from Calibao airport, shuttle rental – 150 php

Caticlan jetty port:

Environmental Fees – 75 PHP

Port Terminal Fee – 100 PHP

Boracay Island, boat rental – PHP 25

Tricycle rental – 25 PHP-50 PHP or 100 PHP (depending on whether you share quarterly with other passengers).

Where to eat chop food

Andoak 'is a popular Philippine restaurant, and their boat is a branch between Boat Station 2 and Bout Station 3. Here are some small canteen which provides food from 100 PHP to 150 php, which you can find along the beach, parallel to the beach or wet market.

What to do and spend less

Hotel Review – In booking your accommodation, go through previous walker feedback and reviews. There are many good online travel agencies to help you decide where to live. But be careful not to give quality offerings on the expense, you can get a great rate at the budget hotel but the service can be poor or convenient. Most high-end hotels are clustered at bottle station 1 and are cheaper at Boat Station 2 and 3. 3. At BOT Station 3 you are expected to get the cheapest accommodation because it is the remote and neutral end of the sea. Some tourists prefer to stay in Bus Station 2, where there are mini-malls, most restaurants and beach groups. Although, you can conveniently walk from one station to the next stage and explore the 3-4 kilometer stretch of the sea at any time.

Financial matter – A trip to Boracay Island is quite valuable. There are many activities, restaurants and shops to spend your money on the beach, and if you understand it, your wallet can run slim. Book and set aside your hotel payments. Do not buy too much reminiscences. You know how much you want to spend in recreational activities like diving or jet skiing. Finally, always carry some extra cash for those unbudgeted expenses.

Canvas and Haggle When you buy souvenir, do not buy cans prices at least 2 different shops to find that you can get the best price for an item. Do not hesitate to haggle.

Walking beach Take a little time to walk from one end of the sea to the other side. There are a different feeling from the different corners of the beach.

People see – Boracay Island is on the beautiful shores of the beautiful island and swimming on its shore. Take the scene and enjoy.

Join a boat tour – Connect with your hotel receptionist for a boat trip or contact the stalls along the beach which will advertise these tours. This is a great and cheap way to explore the island. The tour dates from 9am to 5-6 hours. Fees include snorkeling, snorkeling gear use, island hopping and a buffet lunch

• Island Hopping Day Tour – 700 PHP to 800 PHP

Crystal Cove Admission Fee – 200 PHP

• Crocodile Island snorkeling fee – PHP 20

Boracay Fire Dancer – In the evening, go to one of the beach bars hosting the dance programs of Fire Dance or Poe. The show sponsored by restaurant owners only buy a beer or drink.

Snorkel or dive Snorkeling will be a cheap alternative, but if you want to be close to the vibrant Marine ecosystem, diving. There are various diving shops that offer various diving packages. Whatever you do, take some time to praise the beautiful coral rearing.

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