Swimming hole in Las Gryetas in Galapagos


Many people often wonder: What are the things I can do on the Galapagos Islands of Sciences without naturalist guide? The answer is: a lot! There are endless possibilities for a variety of things that can be done, and trips to keep you busy, that allows you to plunge into the wildlife of the Galapagos and the infinite beauty.

This second part of the series of 6 chapters of "Las Grietas" on the island of Santa Cruz. Direct translation "grieta" means a crack or fissure. Las Gryetas – a place where you can swim in the cool ocean water between two high cliffs, where the land was opened as a "crack" or "crack".

To get to this amazing place from Puerto Aory, visitors must go to the "reflection-Lado" ( "the other side") on high-speed taxi (60 cents) from the main pier in front of the park, and volleyball. From here follow the signs to the hotel Finch Bay. With the ocean on the left and the hotel Finch Bay case, continue along the rock wall to the end, where you will find the path that comes from the right side. From here you go on a 15 minute trail, which starts with a sandy and rocky, and there through the cross-cross the lava field, through the cactus forest and then up along the sandy path to the top of Las Gryetas. It is definitely recommended to wear shoes or runners with closed fingers, because the lava is hot and spicy.

Arriving in Gryet, you will find some narrow wooden steps leading to the bladder large boulders. From here you can climb into the water carefully. A pair of waterproof shoes would be good for swimming here because the underwater rocks slippery with algae and the entry and exit into the water can be difficult.

Locals can often be seen jumping from different levels of the cliff, but it is not recommended as an area where you need to land your jump is very specific. Be careful and always check to see how and where other jump before making the jump!

While underwater in Las Gryetase little notice, because it has a small hole for the passage of the water, the view is impressive: like swimming in a secret cove on the scene of Jurassic Park, or "Never never pryzyamlyaysya If you raft to the end of the first! the pool and climb the rocky division, you will come to another similar swim the channel at the end of the bay there is a rocky section on the right side, about one meter from the bottom of the ocean floor, there is a small passage:.. tunnel a meter with one long breath you. you can make g it is easy enough on the other side, and this makes for some suitable photos!

Be sure to leave Las Grietas long before sunset, because the path is not lit, and the road is even less clearly defined the night!