Avoid when looking for a vacation home


Warn to the tenants. The list of fraudulent vacation home became increasingly popular. Scammers have been highly skilled in hacking into legitimate real estate database and even raised the draft of real lease agreement. Unfortunately, websites like Craigslist are not aggressive enough to challenge strategies and techniques today's sophisticated scammers. Here are some common traps and techniques used to spend the holidays for scammers:

The truth can be very good. When the holiday home rentals appear to be very good to be true, you can become his next victim. The price seems to be very palatial for a lot less than the other list or the price, you can expect a bribe. Valid vacation homes are typically competitively priced in market with other similar features.

Bait and switch. Scammers love to post holidays and glamorous pictures of their surroundings. The pictures show a large spacious room, a modern kitchen, float pool and spaces, and beautiful tree-lined street manicured landscapes. These features will always be unavailable, and the reserver will then be removed from the less-wanted property to the other. So always ask for a specific address and home number, then use the tools like Google Maps to find real estate in and around the neighborhood. Even better, ask the agent to use web tools like FaceTime or Skype to show off your property.

Double Book Scams. Scammers will double an asset, then send a vacation provider to end up with a second rate backup with sincere apologies.

Now save the wire money and scams. Scammers will often ask for money, often in the form of "security deposits" And they want you to use money transfer systems like MoneyGram, or you want to ask money in a particular bank account. If you want to "save the property" money, use a credit card or paypal – both of you can debate on any fraudulent charges.

No Reference or Foney Reference. Scammers will not have valid references to give you. They will offer you their "Privacy Prevention", their previous tenants want to maintain their privacy, or they will give their phone numbers to their friends in their horses. So before you decide to book, give a call to the owner or the property manager and ask for the reference. You can check out the Facebook link reviews.

Fake positive review. List of some vacation home to fake or infamous reviews is a problem. The "non-discrimination" section has begun to appear in the holiday rental agreement, which means that no property of tenants is allowed to post negative reviews. So read this review with a grain of salt. Use Google Maps and Street View to take "big stuff" false claims or step by step from beach beaches, resort or convention center only. Call the owner or property manager and use the tools like FACEME for real home internal publication.

Wrong online calendar. Online calendar for many vacation homes can be poorly maintained. Most are an overthought for some property owners. The list shows that the calendar has recently been updated, even call the owner / manager or email and confirm the property on your desired date.

No professional property manager. According to trip advisors, 37% of consumers are worried that there is no emergency contact if they have problems in their vacation home. Property managers ensure that a holiday home is up-to-date and in good condition. There is a relationship with respectable sub-contractors that can handle any property problem. A property manager can ensure the property is notified and the deposit for a property will be managed safely.

Hidden fee. Most holiday rentals require a non-negotiated "clean fee" and some even require the payment of utilities, cable and / or internet only. Make sure that you know all the actual and potential fees before you finalize your booking.

Irrelevant list. List or email warnings that are badly written with bad grammar This could be the red flag. The same is true for foreign phone numbers, or if the owner / property manager fails to respond to emails immediately.

Avoid Craigslist. Do not use sites like Craigslist. Check out the certified holiday home rental sites and direct property books.