Longcross Village, well-preserved secret Surrey


Surrey are always associated with the rich and luxurious small villages, such as Virginia Water and Vindskhem. However, the village Longkross Surrey, which is located between Virginia Water and Chertesay Chobamam, has always been much less well known than the more wealthy neighbors.

Longcross was always sleepy, but magic hollow that attracted seven & # 39; families who are looking for a quiet lifestyle. Longcross offers a wide range of family houses away from the normal price of the neighboring villages and London.

In Longkrose have several facilities, including a cafe "Old School" – the life of the village, which runs from traditional building on the main road, surrounded by beautiful countryside. More than 50 years with cafes & # 39 is a family business and have been known to make the best full English breakfast is within a few miles. It also has excellent reviews on travel advisor. Ringo Starr from The Beatles lived right across the street.

The village is also a & # 39 home studio Longcross films, where the James Bond by default the film was made, and the TV series Edge of Heaven is now removed. And the studio has always helped to promote other local businesses for many years.

Longcross huge property owned by current prime minister & # 39; er minister and vice-president in O & # 39; the United Arab Emirates, Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. It goes back to the wild spaces Chobham Common 1400 acres, where in 1979 the American city set for the filming of Superman-2 was built.

From the point of view of availability in Longcross has a railway station on the main line running between Reading and Waterloo, and this railway line makes the village a very desirable place for passengers.

Longcross too massive development program will take place soon, which should bring further wealth and a & # 39; sites in the village. Crest Nicholson, is working with Aviva Investors, hoping to build one thousand and five hundred houses, which are mixed and seventy-nine thousand square meters of retail units, which will be called Longcross Village. Initial work has already begun, and is expected to contribute to the development of the local economy.

This newly built "garden village" will also boast an updated train station, primary school, local shops, including a farm, playgrounds and hiking forests.

This well-kept secret, slowly but surely becomes uncovered, and over the next five to ten years is relatively unknown village ahead of its neighbors in popularity.