Notes from the jungle – Tamarindo home extended


In my previous column, I've discovered a strong influence on the physical environment of the mood, perspective, and attitude. With my recent travel writing, there is still worldly interest in my mind, I liked the discovery of the powerful dynamics of the individual-environment interface compared to hotels and resorts in small villages, spreading in the Caribbean and Pacific regions of Costa Rica. My ongoing tourism feature includes three of my highest emotional journeys, creative writing and psychological inquiries from the jungle. A five-week journey led me through five villages and eight different hotels on two coasts, with each feature so unique, I could cross the national boundaries.

My journey ended in Tamarindo, on the northern Pacific coast of the country, where I spent four nights at the Hotel Captain Suezo, a jungle paradise on the beach, after five nights in Los Altos de Eros, overlooking with a small Buddhist Hotel Pacific located on the mountains. Los Altos de Eros TripAdvisor has rated the number one shortest hotel in the word. The time spent there reflected our time back, why I can easily understand. My attention was flowing in Los Altos de Eros, because I hugged the beauty of stability, calm and unity. In the Hotel Captain Suezo, I felt myself exposed to the vast expanse of jungle rhythm and sea. I fell asleep in the sound of the waves and was surprised by the raw flood of the forest. I got up early with the sun and mixed many of the animals I shared.

Hotel Captain Suezo reminds of the song from the Circle of Life and Hakuna Mata, his favorite song from Broadway Hit Leon King. Here I have reflected on our fragile and beautiful planet where all the living creatures are gathered through a complex exchange of natural resources. Just after entering the lobby in Captain Suezou, I received a warm reception from the Francesco, with Alice and Sophie's children. In addition to many other important works of her, one of the primary functions of the hotel is to prevent, protect, and protect two residential children. Sophie rested on her head, her little human fingers held the thick hole of her curly black hair, when Elise was more dangerous, both of them were sleeping peacefully in their arms, safely entered a blanket.

Alice was found without a trail; Unfortunate incident of his mother's impossible power plant – this is a very common occurrence in Tamarindo, when the radio monkeys climb on the electric cable. A baby monkey without a trail is facing a cruel obstacle, an integral ingredient used to climb the tail and mobility. Captain Suezo saved Elise during his childhood. She practices her ascending with Sophie, and is more confident with two powerful days and each passing. Sophie struggled alone in the city of Tamarindo. Skinny and malnourished, Sophie has given a good example of the plight of Hawalo monkeys, separated from their group. Sophie and Alice have developed a lasting tie, and rely heavily on each other for playing and consoles.

Captain Suezo was welcomed in this way, where Rukura lolled in a coup, cooked in horse and eugenas lounge poolside. Captain Suzo welcomes wild, big and small, healthy and sick animals to its defensive trap. It was originally intended for Swiss owners whose outlook enters an environmentally conscious beach hotel where people and animals can meet together. I do not ever see a man roaming around, playing with a monkey or a cat with an adult baby. That is, until I entered the world of Captain Suezza.

The owners of Captain Suezo live by the following philosophy: "We are not inheritors of our parents, but we are lending it to our children." When a tree was surprised in front of the hotel in April 2006, the monkey lost their natural bridge, which allowed them to enter the hotel area and forced them to cross the dangerous road. It took four attempts, but the owners finally succeeded in building the replacement bridge using the monkeys. The first man-made monkey bridge was born. It's the soul of Captain Suezo.

There is something happening in Captain Suezo's open air lobby. Perhaps it is Alice and Sophie, a friendly friend to enjoy dinner or dinner, a rickon cat named "queen" lounging on top of the rifison desk, Simbo, handsome stud cat, gakos and whale hunter torch. Wildlife of the land of Captain Suezo and jungle sounds are bright and impressive. It is clear that the wild love of the owners reflected their workers; There is a story telling about a love for animals and lots of animals passed by the hotel door for each employee member. Chef's trilogy cat has a brocholine story, which is considered garfield because he loves to eat and sleep, and coco, the favorite cat is more friendly than any cats and one day mysteriously disappears. Because of the legendary nature, Coco was very pleased with many people and therefore was stolen from the hotel premises.

After staying with Hotel Captain Suezo, I moved to my home home in Los Altos de Eros. Los Altos de Eros owner is clearly the most gifted. The wonder that workers have created pure magic through a service philosophy is to leave the guests wondering if the exhausting. In Los Altos de Eros, guests also meet the expectations and expectations of the guest before they even realize those needs. Perhaps for this reason, the owner respects and treats the employee throughout his 28-member staff, and the staff behaves the same way the same way.

The five-room-shaped horse is surrounded by a beautiful, infinite edge pool in the Pacific and the surrounding forest, where the green hills swell to the moving sky. Trees, frogs and goggles are roaming around the premises, crawling birds and clusters of many tropical flowers. A happy feeling of stability, the body and the soul relaxes, permeates the premises. Imagine a five-room hotel with 25 full-time staff! The guest ratio allows guests to feel incredibly pampered and satisfied with leave leaving guests highly personalized and attentive for the service.

There is a stunning open air studio and worldwide spa. The resident dog Ossa roams the monkeys and roars the guests in the famous hours long walking loop near spectacular and mountainous hotel fields. Before the sun becomes very strong, it is good to walk in the morning and Osara is lost in the middle of the morning. During our five nights at Los Altos de Eros, we sometimes think that we live in a hotel, rather than a wealthy friend's personal property. Allow guests to communicate and develop permanent bonds, the pool is shared with food on a large community table in the open air dining area overlooking it.

It is really interesting that any travel experience can vary dramatically based on a particular hotel environment, its staff members and guest's personality, and the surrounding village rhythm and pulse. My experience of Costa Rica was rich and soul-enhancing. Like a ship sailing in the night, I crossed the path of many wonderful souls during my travels – people will always remember but never see it.

At the hotel Captain Suezou had a monkey on the beach, whose smile broke into the heart of the darkness and the eyes of the dark soul and gratitude for the greatest pleasure of living and the waitress of the Carlisle resort broke. Ross blanker driver Jose, who used to talk about family values ​​and Elizabeth, reminds herself of her own consolidation, a small Australian woman who is in an isolated relationship with her only girl and travels alone in the world. Father Geyenes's rainy day sitting on my side cat cat wrote the first chapter of my first novel. Dancing dancer Valerie was from New York City, the answer to life and love and the divorced women of Chantal France who taught me that the same language is not a precondition for shared friendships. David was a modest psychologist from London, who praised and appreciated his first and own spontaneous person to bring down his own stunning achievements. This unique and colorful spirit consists of the tapestry of my journey and during my fortune my memories remain forever in my heart.