Unique adventures outdoors – Extensive experience of the Great River


Grand River Valley is known for its great impression. Many people have fun on the river, viewed through the woods or passing by the First Nation, summing up the view. But in the Great Valley, there are more than just a look … this is the place to experience! There are swimming classes, walking classes and classes of Do-It … opportunities where everyone can experience all together, regardless of age, size and skill.

Use the plate as a floating classroom – it is a favorite. Grand River concept is simple … find out about cancer, playing on the river. Since fences do not fall and will not be reset, the adventure can enjoy the swimmers and people with disabilities. And enjoy it with smorgasbord learning experience!

During these classes of floating guide stops at the sources of cold drinks. People throw away the store is filled with water and the real thing. It is possible to see an abundance of birds and learn about them. Or the detection of wildlife / fish and find out what they are. People like to explore the forest of the talking trees. But the best experience – a slide with a fence and a smooth body in a gentle current of … lazy way!

Walking tourist class, which is controlled by the excursion – this is another adventure for learning where the experience of the maximum, and the distance – minimum. These trips are about 5 km away and offer a little bit of everything. There are breathtaking views of the valley. The story of Lost Nation, talks about the creation of primitive tools and the opportunity to try wild edible plants. There are wild nature, which call for demonstrations, erecting a fire without combinations and interesting places. Pedestrian class – it's an adventure to learn to identify feelings … the smell, taste and touch.

The class of "Do-It" just learning in the classroom. There are courses where people make a 6-day trip by canoe to six hours. You can try to catch the art of fishing or take a practical training on fish training. It is possible to visit the night safari on call owl and coyote, beer adaptation to butterflies. Or teacher with teachers who teach primitive art cable manufacturing boats, the doctrine of the bow and krepen. For the experiment, "First Nations" can make interactive vavkovtsy dancing or singing with Mahavkami. But the highlight for many of the & # 39 is the drift of the night, after learning about the stars.

Most of the learning experience on the Grand River is about four hours. Var costs & # 39; iruyutstsa depending on the size of the group and the chosen company. The main areas of these adventures are located in Cambridge, Brantford on the Grand River, just west of Toronto. If you are new to this area, please go the website Trip Advisor, to examine the company's services. It is important to have a great experience … a good experience!