Forced family fun


Forced Family Fan (FFF) is a family adventure defined where all the teams are 'Unplug' & # 39; Experience the conversation and ties together and in everyday life settings. The FFF is sometimes & # 39; compelled & # 39; Maybe, especially if parents are advised, there is the immediate significance of shopping from children who realize the fun of the fast and participate in the planning of future events!

As the parents of four children, it became clear that our children were in need of close family unit with competitive technical and social forces; Television, cell phones, online gaming, social media etc. For the frustration of our kids, we & # 39; the Forced Family van & # 39; Created the word and made it with a passion.

Can parents be successful at the advice of Force Family Fan when buying children? I will argue for why, why is this an option? Instead, to ensure a complete democracy, try your first trip and then make additional activities intelligent as a family. Be brave, everyone is the winner! Then set the FFFT at least once or twice, make it a habit.

When was the last time your family was playing, excess of nature or family bike trip, tent camped, experienced canoeing, played tennis or badminton, made a garden bed, berries were made for making pie, participated in a sand castle competition or thrust hunting? Possibilities are endless with the fearlessness and encouragement.

In order to include a 22-mile Providence Bridge pedal in August last year, our family has been included in the & # 39; Format Family & # 39; It has become so accustomed to the organization that we have been used to doing family fun over and over again. Our 7-year-old son has even completed 8 bridges. It was a citywide event in Portland, although the bridges and highways were closed, our children were wished to travel around the city's largest bridges, usually by unnecessary bicycling, without mentioning the deviated food!

This last summer canoeing is another unforgettable adventure. Since our transfer to Portland, a bucket list item, I told my two older sons that we were heading towards the two-hour adventure, FFF style. While pretending to pursue a tugboat to prevent a wrist load on Portland spirit (a spectacular cruise) and the Willamette River, the final challenge of navigating the Willamette River, the primary moans from my ten-year-old were inevitable, the perspective of everyone altered. A women's team rounded us one side, for which I said, "I can use an additional teammate!" They smiled and said, "You are a brave woman." It's a good word for my son's canoning ears without any doubt. There was no easy task to do, I taught them the day, since we all felt the great feeling of understanding and FFF cameracar!

Forced family fun is usually our feeling as a parent, we feel the family fun hours, or felt by four children to thank for completing impossible impossible tasks, such as in Glenwood Springs, CO. In 2015 we reduced the Hong Kong Lake on a fantastic fall day, a top trip adviser destination, only regretting our decision as half of our destination guardians. Colorado, we were not disarmed by the hard growth; However, the long sleeved underground area should be closed in the hedesite. As a Family & # 39; Expedition Survival & # 39; Grateful for the survival of the track, I immediately wrote a trip adviser review, prompted the people to postpone until summer. Yet, it was another spectacular spectacular spectacle of Colorado and a memorable ties experience as a family.

Extreme FFF; Do not fool your faces …

Every forced family fun event is not necessarily the extreme condition, the valuable or the credentials of the athletes. A fire and roast s' mores together while learning to build game night camping camps where everyone likes to play their favorite board, can be equally entertaining.

I can easily tell electronics to marry your kids' kids or to tell the teenager outside the house, parents take Stamina. On the other hand, the construction of a garden box, the slug and the snorkel on the rise of nature, and a sand castle competition on the coast of Oregon has provided countless hours of creativity and lifetime chronic memory.

Parents, be brave, do not disturb your children's initial curse, and remember, everyone can take a voice from your democracy as soon as you take part. Sometimes my children are adamantly adamant, but they all forcibly know the Family Family and their friends know it. Create family ties experience when you have time together. No regrets I guarantee success, experience from first hand, if you find it a family practice!