Timeshares are not your friend


Somehow, you were on the 90-minute high-pressure sales presentation of the "joy of ownership." Think about hotel prices, you will not have to pay? Think about resale value! Think about how to trade in this cold real estate in Paris, to rest in a dream. So you asked a million questions, and they answered the way you want. It sounded like a great way to spend a vacation for you and your family & # 39; and for many years. About 3 hours, you should go ahead, purchasing; You and millions of others. It was a few years ago, and now you wish that you never heard the word "timeshare". But there is a solution, so you no longer need padkreslivatstsa of annual fees, real estate taxes and on "any special assessment". Here are a few reasons why you should consider the fact that we have helped you get out of this half-ball:

  1. Hidden fees: They do not tell you that with time comes a membership fee of Interval International Are RCI. These are the two major exchange companies, allows you to place a "timeshare" for exchange. They also do not tell you that the "exchange" fee of about $ 150. Thus, add these fees, especially add the decline in property values ‚Äč‚Äčaround the world, and you spend more than you would on a hotel. If you can not afford to join these services, you probably do not even use the property, so you have just given to someone else of their money. Stop. Do not give them more! Let us set you free!
  2. Property that you have bought, will exchange a good idea: It's nice to think that once you can exchange your property for a certain place "kewl", such as Aruba, or Maui. But if your property has limitations, such as "not available during Christmas," and it is located in Park City, Utah, few people, if anyone wants. Going in the summer in Park City? Maybe a few dead mountain bikers, but they are not usually from & # 39 are demographic in Timeshare! If this happens to you, you padvyargaetsesya duties and taxes and exchange fees lost because you can not use. It's ruined.
  3. Your life has changed since the purchase. Maybe if you originally bought, did you have kids at home, and the property was on the lake. It was fine for a few years, and you've done some amazing photos of you veykbordyngu. But now that the kids are gone, and you are with a lot of run out to the lake. The economy is terrible, and 10 years ago, you can not get even half of what you paid for it. Do not pay a special assessment of $ 2,000 for a new roof, you will never use. Let us help you get out of this financial stranglehold.
  4. "Network" properties, you can trade useless. Sometimes companies on time balls advertise their own free network property. "We have properties all over the world." Msgstr "Do not exchange the collection." It sounds fantastic, but you have not experienced, to find out exactly where these properties. It turns out (after you have purchased) that "London" there is only one property, she was booked for the next century, and is a 30-minute underground journey to get to London. Talk about bait and switch! Maybe you can book a week for their grandchildren!
  5. "Travel": After you buy, you realize that you really like the property and you want to visit more. The only way that you can see beyond the week that you have purchased – is to buy "rest time" tariffs available to owners, who are usually very intelligent. The problem is that the property does not care about the owners, so he lists his job Hotwire and Trip Advisor for triple what they charge owners for the "holiday". Thus, you are not lucky, because people with paid work has always come to the owners. Yes, they tell you that the market sales "ownership has privileges." But this is a lie. There are no other than the privileges of a dive in your pocket and show how your precious site will be sold to another for $ 350 per night!

Maybe your old life was normal for several years, but now it's just an albatross around his neck. Timeshare Resolution can set you free from terrorism.