TripAdvisor advantages for your tour or activity


review websites such as TripAdvisor, extremely valuable to tour operators and operators of activities, because:

This means a greater impact

Increase traffic to your site means that more of the people know about your business, especially if the traffic comes from the Internet center for travelers looking for activity to do when they arrive at your destination.

This means more confidence

People will always appreciate what they are saying about you other than what you say about yourself … I'm sorry, it's just the nature of life. People are very careful about what business will tell about what they sell. In addition, you are selling an experience! Your visitors should be aware that they do not spend their time, and only be disappointed.

Therefore, we are always looking for previews and greatly appreciate them, as evidenced by the company in the process of decision-making. With TripAdvisor travelers see that enterprises are engaged, depending on how they are reconsidering the people – so number 1 obviously got the best reviews and so on.

Man wants to see this on the & # 39 objective review was a way to reduce the risk …. the risk lies in the fact that you have spent valuable-earned dollars on the wrong thing!

You know more about the needs of your customer

In addition, only one negative review can ruin your idea of ​​business. What if someone tells you something bad? It is worth the risk? Yes, probably.

Think – any feedback about your experience – this is good feedback. This means that your customers will express how they really feel that they really think that they are too polite to tell the person. Take this opportunity to get honest feedback so you can adjust your business to get their satisfaction. Make them happy and the rest naturally fall into place.

People will positively examine you while you actually listen to what they say, and do something about it. If someone tells you something negative answer, saying to them, thank you for your honesty and what measures you will take to make changes to it.

So go on TripAdvisor (or any other review site on a trip), fill in your profile as much as possible (yes, it also means that the photos!) And ask customers to review you about it. Most people are happy to help until you ask. It is also important that this section has been tested. Do not leave it, this is a big no-no! If you can not stay on top of the entry points that visitors used to reach your site, your visitors may feel that you just are not organized, or are you just "do not understand."