You want to experience London in a day?


No doubt, London – one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Thanks to a spectacular building and the unique charm of this city not to be missed.

If you find yourself in London on the way to another city, not just stay in another small hotel room, visit the tour of London and discover all this beautiful city.

This is a unique opportunity to experience the famous British culture for one day. There are plenty of excursions to London, and some of them are available as follows:

• Be aware of the most famous sites of London such as the big clock, Big Ben (Elizabetskaya tower), and Buckingham Palace.

• You should try the traditional fish and chips in London. This food consists of fish, which is broken down, and then fried. It is served with a thick cutting chips and is sometimes accompanied by other items such as peas or soft tartaravy sauce. There is nothing more beautiful than a British fish and chips!

• It is necessary to take a photo of some buildings in London icons. Make your photo next to the famous red telephone box that we all associate with the British culture. It was designed by the late Sir Zhylsam Gilbert Scott in 1920 and continues with the & # 39 is a popular trade mark in England. Or, perhaps, poses on the red bus or black cabinet.

• In London, many of the best films, such as films, "Harry Potter," James Bond was made. Most recently Downton Abbey, which is very popular. There are guided tours in which you can visit the filming locations and really feel for the film.

• How about a high-end tour to London? You might refer to the VIP, and during the day you'll have your own "live". As concluded in London as a celebrity – is one way to see all the best sights of London in style. Fancy to be trapped? It can also be arranged!

Journey to the tour – this is the best way to see all the attractions that London has to offer. There are many travel companies and the best way to know how good they are, is to look at some reviews. The legitimate companies will tour the site and are doing everything possible to get good reviews. Therefore, go to the adviser on the road and look for travel agencies, and read a lot of reviews.