A history of nutrition


Common knowledge we believe that milk gives us strong bones, eggs are perfect proteins, meat gives our strong muscles and plants have low quality proteins. Scientific knowledge is different from scientific knowledge that scientific knowledge has been conducted without prejudice for a particular result, and other scientists have a strong knowledge of their methods and statistics analysis by co-reviewing. In other words, finding out the goal of science can be true, which is not popular. Unfortunately, big business food bias may reach more people than the scientific community. "Prudogies are difficult to worry when they are not recognized, and even when they are still strong in culture" (New American Food, John Robins). Let's return to history and follow some research that helps shape the scientific view of nutrition and its relationship with the disease.

Plato and Socrates condemned meat eating animals 2500 years ago. 2,000 years ago, the teacher and adviser Seneca did the Roman Emperor Nero. Later, the hypocrites, the father of medicine, realized that the food prevented the disease and said, "Time should be medicines and medicines should be our food" during his time, 460-357 BC.

Some of the scientists of 1800 continued our approach to nutrition. In the late 1832s, Carl Voight was a German scientist who discovered that people need 48.5 grams of protein per day, but 118 grams are recommended. Voight Some Young Scientist, W.O. Including mentored The user then created the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). The operator greatly increases the need for protein, which becomes synonymous with the flesh of the 19th century, although protein is also found in plant foods. As a result, "Where do you get your protein from?" Today a classic confusing question has been raised to vegetarians and vegans. (Science Study, TC Campbell and TM Campbell). It is at the same time. The Weston Price civilian public is published in his study on tremendous dental health vs. indigenous people with great dental hygiene. He has determined that the processed foods were guilty of dental deterioration of the teeth, even with hereditary traits such as dental arch and facial structure (nutrition and physical degradation, Dr. Weston Price).

At the same time, the medical field is being formed by a few pioneers. In the late 1800s, renowned French chemist Louis Pachto supported the microbial theory of the disease. The genetic theory is durable on the treatment stone, on which vaccines, parasites, viruses and antibiotics have been created. It is the victim of such insult as the immune system. His theory was very controversial and many disagreed with him. One of the antagonists of the theory was Henry Linlahr, author of "Philosophy of Natural Medicine", who believed that low life has weakened the immune system for the prevention of disease. He concluded that the good of a human being depends on normal nutrition and healthy environment and approved for proper nutrition, proper drainage and preservation. Dr. Rodman also showed that the West had misinterpreted his body with little pox and wrongly went out of the public. Someone got a small pox. Although dramatic, he has shown a very important point.

Scientists began to classify animal protein quality, including all the essential amino acids, versus protein quality in plants, which contain bits and pieces of amino acids. They decided that the protein of the animal was high compared to the plant protein, but the plant protein does not bother about anything that is not healthy for human health, or that all the essential amino acids are provided for a variety of dietary supplements (China Study, TC Campbell And TM Campbell).

After the First World War (1914-19 18), Denmark stopped supplying food to more than three million residents in a collaborative block, making food supply in Russia. An arrangement was made to re-use the grains used for the supply of livestock. At this time, death rates exceeded 34% (Chinese study, TC Campbell and TM Campbell).

During World War II (1939-1945), the Norwegian government was forced to provide food to their food, especially the meat, and the Germans. Norway experienced a gradual drop in death from transmission diseases during this period. When the Germans died, the death rate rose again and Norway returned to their former food. During World War II, the health of Britain and Switzerland increased during the increase in food, where the incidence of childbirth and postnatal mortality, along with the occurrence of anemia, also came down to the lowest record at that time. What time does this rose? Growth rates and dental hygiene for children After World War II, the National Heart Institute investigates why the heartbeat develops plaque and how it operates the attack of heart. Comparison of medical records of 5000 residents from Freschelm, Massachusetts, researchers have been able to develop risk factors such as cholesterol. Blood pressure, physical activity, cigarette smoking and obesity. More than 1000 scientific papers were made from this research, which showed a strong relationship between high blood cholesterol and heart disease (China Study, TC Campbell and TM Campbell).

In 1950, North Korea invaded South Korea and 30,000 American soldiers were killed. 77.3% of medical medical investigations show the "gross" evidence of cardiovascular disease in the American Medical Association magazine, which has examined the hearts of 300 men and published their results.

Many scientists have since contributed to the development of true scientific development of nutrition related to diseases. A prominent surgeon of the 1800s 14 books were contributed by popularizing the "constitutional nature of Chowdhury" by George McLwain and of medicine and health. Dr. John McDougall, author of ten books related to nutrition, including "McDougall Plans" also supports whole food, plant based diet. Harvard Graduate Dr. Dean Arnis is famous for her lifestyle heart trial, where she forces pressure management, meditation, three hours a week of exercise, breathing and rest exercising, as well as spending almost all animal products from their diet. He found that 82% of patients taking lifestyle changes have experienced reaction within one year of their cardiovascular disease.

Dr. Caldwell b. Asselstein Jr., lawyer "Dr Sprouts", was a Surgeon at Cleveland Clinic and was president of the American Association of Endocrine Surgeons of St. George's Hospital in London and voted one of America's best doctors. 1994-95. Dr. Sprouts started studying nutrition and found that foods rich in meat, fat and highly refined foods cause disease. He started testing with putting his patients on a vegetarian and had the greatest success in record on cardiovascular treatment. Earlier, there was no compulsory mountain in their evidence where full food, plant-based food was suggested. It is equally important to address the American health record and the pressure of American health records is equally critical and stressful.

Many of us are not aware of this research because there is no motivation for sharing an organization or industry with them. As the main graduate of biology and nutritionist, I am not interested in what is popular, but it is considered true according to the standards of most respected scientists in the field. We can not be held responsible for what we do not know, but hopefully, from now on you can make educated decisions about where you go from. Stepping out in the unknown is horrible. And often people fill themselves with the wrong replacement foods, switching to a vegetarian or vegan food. To improve your health and wellness, you need to fill your diet with smart dietary choices. Start by learning from a number of articles and books written by respected and neutral organizations and start learning about buying food in the market. Sunrider International is so convenient to use that it produces the most pure and concentrated whole food products. They are made from Chinese farming experience of more than 5,000 years of Chinese royal family. Sunrider's owner is a family member of the family and this ancient knowledge has been handed over. Dr. T. Fu Chen is a world renowned medicine and pharmacologist. Oi-Lin Chen is a licensed Western Medical Doctor. Together they make the best meal of the planet! Their factories are not pharmaceutical-grade and their quality control is not matched by any company in today's market.