Plugin MetaTrader MT4, which can raise the charge on forex – is necessary for your robot!


I assume that you are familiar with the platform MetaTrader MT4. MT4 platform has been one of the most revolutionary raspratsovak in the retail industry. This made possible the development of automated trading systems that are more popularly known as expert consultants or Forex robots.

Suppose you are trading on the MT4 platform for some time. Suppose that you are experiencing a loss in trade. At its demo account, there are a large number of victories. Praktykavavshy within one month of forex strategy, you were very confident that you will do a lot of pips on your account.

You begin to live on the air. First, you spend a number of successful trades. You believe in the power of your forex trading strategy. But suddenly, you feel the loss of transactions with each other. Perhaps it was your fault. Your forex strategy worked well in your demo, but maybe you feel too emotional during the bidding alive.

Or maybe, your broker plays against you and again and again stops the stop, not knowing anything about it. If you see that your spreads repeatedly extended, perhaps, there is suspicious activity.

Your broker will certainly play against you. Your broker ceases hunt against you. You need to protect yourself from your broker. This connection Mt4 really makes it. This is a very cost-effective solution to keep the broker under control and stop it from being stolen profits.

This plugin hides your MT4 orders from the broker, so he could not turn off. In any case, this plug-in MT4 does so not only, but also gives you the ability to overcome the recent rules NFA, which have banned a number of orders such as OCO Stops and Limit Order.

It also gives you a super-stealth trailing stop does not have the MT4 platform, and recharge your trading. Regardless of whether it is a mandatory MT4 module for those who trade currencies, which suras & # 39; ozna relate to trade money in the forex market, either manually or using the forex robot.

If your forex robot works very well on a demo account, but once you got to trade in live, he has made a loss of transactions for other than you need to use this MT4 Plugin, to hide your forex robot from your broker. Thus, your robot can be traded safely without spatykvayuchysya broker.