Are Traveling Company Ticketing Fees?


If you've been to an airport, especially during a busy day trip, you might have heard the look of your door-shaped doll and hear the calls from volunteers flying from a plane flight. The usual bonus for getting it is a bonus that is equivalent to a bonus flight is usually good.

From the airline's perspective, empty seats have lost revenue. Airline companies overcame the number of people who lost their connections by 4-6% on average, either canceled or unable to fly at the last minute. About 80% of all airlines' flights are close, this overbooking is not a problem. For 20 per cent of the existing flights, it may be a great drawback or a great opportunity.

Airlines offer fares that return fares to your purchase mechanism for two reasons. The first time is; Often, it takes 24 hours or more to process a refund of credit cards, which makes more work on its own. The second is not used by an amazing number of bonds.

You can inflict a flight, make misfortune and usually you can get more than one voucher. Ask for two or three tickets. Ask hotel credit or gift cards in restaurants. If you are using a thousand airline programs, ask for bonus miles. Do not be afraid to show your irritation; The airlines provide bonuses for complaints and remember your inconveniences to get the best reward possible.

If you need to make a connection flight and have the money, find out how many volunteers you should take voluntarily on the flight and look for the candidates. Universities in a terminal include candidates: voluntary voluntary volunteers are called a hundred dollars from their pocket, otherwise they are not. Take notes and receive payments – you can bring the airline to the small claims court and you will be refunded.

The second strategy is to have a flexible schedule; I planned my flights regularly, as I am looking for volunteers to obtain a bonus for the next business trip.

I drew for two years, not having to pay for a single trip by taking blows. Just sit in a terminal if it is ready, if that is the case. If you are willing to take a shelter, please take it easy, but remember that you are having a good time, and you can see a voucher or company companies or hotel accommodations or an additional card.

Using vouchers requires a bit of thinking and planning. First of all, be sure to save it in a safe place and write the expiration date. Whenever you make a reservation for the next trip, use the bonus before paying your first air fare. Remember that airline companies do not count on most vouchers: use them when you get your benefits; Note that airlines make certain shut-down dates in bonds; which is why it is better to use it beforehand.