Travel to India? Spice Jet Airlines Meeting and Support Service


When something is wrong, we complain to the world. However, when it is expected that something improves, credit does not always go well. I have to give credit for writing this article / article / review.

My parents, both at the end of the 60s, went to Bangalore in April to meet their relatives. In the morning, we all made SpiceJet flight. I usually travel, because I travel alone because I feel uncomfortable. However, as if it were a coincidence, an important and avoided business trip was created simultaneously and I had to cancel my card.

Concerned, I called the aeronautical company and I learned that they have a "Meet & Assist" service. The service was free, so I did not have too much hope, but I wanted to use it anyway, because it would provide me with peace of mind.

On the day of departure, I bring my parents to the airport if I can not handle myself, or if "Know and Help" worked well.

However, here I will explain the trip to Delhi from their airport Bangalore after talking with them.

My parents gathered a check-in checker that helped them down through all the procedures, and they quickly entered. My mother has arthritis and climbing stairs is difficult. When he realized that, a SpiceJet employee helped him on the bus and organized a seats full of buses.

In the plane, my parents were driven to their seats and the aircraft workers kept their luggage on hand. My mom is a disgraceful traveler and does not feel comfortable in the initial takeoff and landing. However, he found the two of them comfortable enough to help calm down the whole trip.

As I was in the morning, I both prepared for breakfast before. They liked the food that they liked quite a bit and the food they had. The same worker who helped them with the luggage had the same tea and cookie accessories.

Look again, the wind was on the ground because it helped the staff. They also left the trash to the exit point.

Mom and dad, of course, are really happy about the five star treatment that SpiceJet staff has made. I'm happy, finally, an airline company that responds to the needs of the elderly and the airline is an airline that only my parents can leave.

It is definitely recommended.