Mango Airlines


The airline to enter the South African market was the third and lowest low cost company. Like other country companies, it is headquartered in the Johannesburg International Airport (OR Tambo). The first company that launched the budget structure with SA, Kulula, was a great success in the SAA market. Therefore, SAA decided to launch and start its own low-cost company. Initially, TULCA was horrible (low cost carrier), since it was named Mango Airlines.

The company denounces the fact that airline companies are owned by SAA and have been paid by way of tax payments, which create unfair advantage over other companies with lower cost. Other budgets, that is, Kulula and 1Time jumped on to Mango (and the SAA association), but nothing has been done. Mango airlines fly from Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban and Bloemfontein. This is not as broad as other airlines. Perhaps the domain name was thought to be owned by South African mango vintners association. Now the domain name is, not only confusing but not cozy – this South African country ltd.

There is a bad press about the Mango air routes and their connection with SAA. Unlike the parent company, they have earned profits and they say that they are now operating as totally autonomous. This means that South Africans have more opportunities in the market and the rest of the companies keep their fingers in order to be competitive.