3 quick tips to save money on travel expenses


These are dozens of tips to help you save on air shows, hotels, car rentals and sea trips. It is very easy to try, regardless of the reason for the trip!

# 1 – Fly a weekend

Plan your trip for a week before returning and returning the next one, flying on a weekend. Business people often go from Monday to Friday, airlines offer a lower price in non-standard time.

For example, online booking sites offer +3 / -3 search options to find the cheapest times to fly. If you have flexible flight options, check out this feature and you might be surprised on Tuesday as the money you save on a flight on Tuesdays.

# 2 – View multiple websites

We all have favorites to book our flight tickets, but try to buy a minute more. You can find more options than what you originally tried on another website.

If Orbitz, Priceline and Travelocity provide a specific flight, it may be the same price tag. However, you can offer different flight schedules and connection options for each website. If you are unhappy with your initial options, look a bit longer.

# 3 – Use International Airlines

If you are traveling to London, for example, you will go to Stockholm, for example, instead of purchasing a multi-ticket card, buy from your country's website at a time, buy and buy a London travel card. Second travel card with a smaller European airline.

You can also explore the smallest airlines from your home, or purchase from London (for example). Each region has regional companies and therefore has regional prices. If you are doing a lot of breaks, consider two separate outings for outbound trips, and simply coordinate arrival and departure times.

A little pre-planning and your coordination can save you a little money, especially if you are traveling with others. And they are simple tricks and there are many more!