Where will Nepal go to Kathmandu?


You want to choose a unique destination for the towers, luxurious cafes and luxuriously decorated street trips, but select Nepal's Kathmandu. As one of the top travel sites of Trip Advisors, we will show you the most beautiful place.

Points closer to interest

Kathmandu is the capital of Nepal and its largest city. It is one of the largest residential communities in the country and one of the legendary cities for the most beautiful places to see.

Durbar Square

This class is located in the old town of Kathmandu, with palaces, squares and temples beside the royal palace, with the headquarters of the kings. In addition, the Tuliga temple is more than 40 meters.


Swayambhunath Stupa is situated 3 kilometers west of Kathmandu and one of the holy places of Buddhism in Nepal. According to local residents, the place was spontaneously developed when it was established from the primitive lake in the valley 2000 years ago. This landmark is one of the oldest monuments in the country and has most of the temples and monasteries.

Pashupatinath temple

This temple is one of the most sacred Hindu temples in the world and it is famous for its golden and silver surfaces along with the doors of Shiva's house on the holy river. Some call it Lord Shiva.

Stomp's dome

Located at a distance of 8 kilometers east of Kathmandu, Domboy International Airport shows the tourist and the highest peak in Kathmandu valley and the center of Tibetan Buddhism.

Beautiful Rose Garden – Dream Garden

This place is the perfect place to relax and especially during the annual festival to celebrate famous ceremonies, people are very interested. Nagarjuna forest on this park, which extends 5 km north west of Kathmandu and can be reached by tourists from the park.

Nepal is not limited to Kathmandu only. It has a lot of adventure lovers as well as offers. If you are in trekking and adventure entrepreneurs, you can choose from some of the most famous trickling routes of Everest Base Camp Tracking, Annual Base Camp Trekking, Mansou lu Circuit Trekking, Longtang Trekking, Ghorpan Repeat Tracking, Everest Luxury Track etc. Nepalis always welcome you for activities such as bungee jumping, white water rafting, jungle safari, pokhara paragliding, boating, fishing, zip flying, mountain flight, rock climbing, mountain biking etc. Happy Travel


5 big questions to ask yourself before you choose a vacation


With all the stress that we are dealing with in everyday life, a place that we decide to spend their vacation should perfectly fit our needs. While some who believe a lively city full of nightlife, with & # 39 is the perfect choice for your ways, most people agree that the ideal place for relaxing full nature and relaxing activity. If you are having difficulty with the decision of where to spend time and money earned, you are not alone. After all, many travel advisors and travel agencies exist specifically for this. However, you do not need to spend money to find out where to spend money. A few tips you can implement the best vacation. Here are 5 questions to ask yourself before you choose a destination.

1. What kind of purpose do you want?

You want to be surrounded by mountains, rivers and natural wildlife? Or would you prefer the bustle of other busy city? Choice is pretty obvious. Many agree that the choice of more natural conditions will allow for more rest and relax, as well as calm and quiet to hear and talk with loved ones. Mountain towns provide a lot of space and privacy to allow you to unpack and estimate the time you spend with loved ones.

2. What are your favorite activities?

The mountain town has a lot to do. Mountain bikes – a popular sport that allows you to get involved in spectacular views while exercising and cycling on the tracks, Var & # 39; iruyutstsa from easy to difficult. For animal lovers riding is available, complete with tours and stories.

3. Do you like to dine?

In most cities, a lot of interesting and unique places for lunch. Available all of the restaurants, "Mom and Pop", who offer food favorably to fashion, to luxury and ethnic cuisines. Unable to find a great steakhouse next to a French bistro. If you like to relax and restaranavats wine, make sure that you choose a destination that has all the options available to you.

4. Do you enjoy hiking or geocaching?

For the minimalist, nothing better than to put on hiking boots and get on the trail. Rest should not be difficult. Long walks surrounded by wildlife – it's a great day to start your day or to spend it completely. Most mountain towns have plenty of places where you can go on a trip or prygodnitstsa with geocaching.

5. Do you enjoy quality accommodation?

Be in a nice resort or enjoy luxurious accommodation at a time when you do not like nature. Most facilities will be open space, beautiful view and friendly service to help you enjoy and relax. Enjoy the nightly dinner in the family & # 39; and and play board games!

There are many places that you can choose to relax. Take a few & # 39; nd a place where you can relax and recover.


The factors that cause the price of a company ticket


It makes a wide range of prices to buy a company card. Which factors cause price?

  • The cost of fuel is one of the biggest revenues. As the oil price rises, the airline costs also. In the future, companies that sell fuel purchases avoid unexpected edges and send savings to the customer.
  • A weak economy causes people to cut off an essential trip. This gives the airline discounts to offer discounts. Conversely, when businesses are good and when airplanes are able to meet, there are incentives to offer low-priced airline tickets.
  • Airport fees are part of the price of the ticket. Airlines with the least airports have a saving on their payment.
  • Destination is a factor. The competition will have an impact on prices. A company that enjoys a virtual monopoly on a particular route will charge it to someone who likes it. International routes have a tough battle with other countries that fly and offer prices.
  • The budget airlines sometimes offer the cheapest airline ticket "no frills". This is the most efficient in domestic short-haul flights.
  • It's time to play a role. If the departure time is approaching and the flights still have empty seats, the company can offer a dramatic drop. Flying on a particular day is not critical, it's worth it until the last minute.
  • The place where the card is purchased may cause the cost. Travel agents sell merchants but charge their services. The Internet creates some bargains, but be careful about who you face. Sometimes airlines do not have ads on their websites.
  • Plain, ancient greed. Air travel is a market-based economy and much more borne by airlines. I do not believe anyone. Do your research

When you make cheap cheap shopping, keep in mind what you are doing. An airline announces an Asia flight flight, with $ 800, while another is $ 1300. Print reads a "cheap rate" that charges $ 700 of hidden fees and surcharges, including $ 200.

There are many factors that affect the cost of an airline ticket. The transport provider that costs the costs will be well defined. The competition is key, the companies that want your business will offer the best deals. You'll find the cheapest shopping deals for the cheapest flights.


How online travel companies affect hotel and holiday housing industries


If you have planned and booked some accommodation online, this should be for a holiday or business trip, you must come across some online travel agencies (OT), for example, Agoda, Trip Advisor, Expedia and booking.
cheap tickets
This OTA has increased size, power and popularity in the late 90s and early 2000s and every year, so in today’s online market you can literally unable to avoid them during many bookings.
search airfare deals
Kind of online travel system; You can always see some of that mobile phone on the first page of Google results and dominate Google Adspace locations – cars, bikes and flights from hotels, villas and rooms.
all-inclusive vacation packages with airfare
With the rise of these giant-sized travel agencies, there has been a growing concern that there has been a growing concern among hotel owners, car rental companies and other businesses, that more direct bookings should be kept in order to be fully or almost totally dependent on third party booking portal.
cheap flights
The reason of concern is due to the reduction in business profits when receiving bookings from direct booking agents from the customers; The rate varies slightly from each organization, although it is not so small that it is the provider’s & # 39; bottom line & # 39; There is no significant impact on.
spirit air
For example, 15 %% of the hotel and property owners are required to make any payment at the OTA,% value is usually the property / hotel location and the number of listed rooms on which they depend on the OTA (they are listed in the list of more rooms,% commission they ota pay).
With this big exposure, you can think of yourself, ‘Why do hotels and resorts depend on the third party booking agents when they can earn a lot of profit from capturing direct bookings?
continental airlines reservations
& # 39; This is an issue that all the accommodation providers are worried about their consideration and discuss their team, and the answer is actually in most of them where they can not live without OTA bookings only.
Unless the hotel or resorts earn so much reputation for themselves and are so popular that they can successfully fill their rooms often, it is a matter of joining an OTA or with some people.
Can survive Indeed, with the notorious and popular hotels and resorts, I also mention that there will be fewer seasons and other times and the number of bookings will be low and room extra / exposure will be required to get the booking of room / villas; So partnership with OTA in reality is now a necessity for all companies that have holiday accommodation business.
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Where does this OTA come from and who owns it?

While speaking about most people of OT, some companies will be featured, who are actually the main & # 39; big players & # 39; Which are highly aggressive marketing activities, ensuring that most travelers often see their brands and promotions online and offline.
expedia flights
. Four well known Ota Expedia, Trip Advisor, Agoda and Booking.com; These are room booking platforms that are making the biggest space in the market and it will be in the list of most hotel owners for partnership.
best time to buy airline tickets
Among these four organizations, the oldest two Expedia, which was formed in 1996 by a small division in Microsoft, and then booking was raised in Amsterdam in 1996. Trip Advisors came later in 2000.
In Massachusetts, the small office in the United States and finally, but did not arrive at the Agoda, was founded in 2002 and originated from Bangkok in Thailand. In fact, almost all major OTA and online booking platforms are now owned and under the umbrella of two major, giant-sized organizations; Expedia Inc One and the other Priceline Group.
allegiant airlines flights
So to answer the question of this post’s question that OTA holidays are affecting the booking industry; For consumers it truly makes all housing more accessible and the user experience has improved greatly, making it easier and more effective to compare different positions.
united airlines reservations
Another positive change that customers can enjoy, apart from being able to verify the reviews of each place before booking, is another advantage. On the other hand, it has some negative impact on housing and some positive.

Commissions and extra costs for well-listed listings among OTA websites can be made by a large number of profit-making owners, but on the other hand, for hotels, resorts and other accommodation providers, they can now book more rooms in the OTA website with exposure to the list, and the same As well as their brand / location on the & # 39; Map & # 39; And as long as they will provide good rooms in the best room. An effective service, then they will be able to increase the time due to the support received from their OTA partners.

After all, I think the OTA is positive for the industry.


The best known Toronto trip to Toronto – Southern Ontario Grand River


Asking where to find a Canoe Adventure near Toronto … Someone will face the "West" in the largest canoeing destination in the south of Ontario … the Grand River Once the grand was unknown, there was space in the "north" canoe. But the shrinking "holiday dollars", the website is easily available and with intense conservation … Grand River Watersheds has quickly become the # 1 Canoe route in South Ontario.

People in Toronto want the canoning experience on the road, but they do not want the patience of heavy cottage traffic. The easy access to the Grand Valley opened the floodgates of Toronto. For going to canoeing, none pursues the nearest 401 or 403 and paddle the Grand River within 60-90 minutes.

People from the metropolis want to experience wild experiences with nearby. They want gas bars, fast food, corner stores and flush toilets! The cities of Cambridge, Paris and Brantford rivers meet this demand. One can canoeoeing 12 kilometers of forest in the city. A "spartan" patience is not necessary to enjoy the gun trip.

People from Toronto want to know where they can rent canoe, who can believe and buy their dollars. If typed in the words "Grand River Canoe Trips", the door of the website will open where anyone can rent a boat. For reliability, it is wise to test weapon-length customer reviews such as Trip Advisors, Canadian Canoe Roots (Choose Grand River) or Yelp. The price varies with the chosen route, lesson or guide and equipment-quality service.

There are two different canoe canoeing division matches the Grand River skill level. Bian Park is the Recommendor Route (known as Kyga) in the Brent Conservation Area. Glenn Morris is not in New Jersey (Annada) for beginners … there are risks and things can happen. Always better to be efficient at a canoe steering before paddling oneida root. For the skilled Canonist … The combination of Brent Conservation by Glenn Morris is the best choice.

Investment worth a canoe reading before starting. Sheikh Hasina needs more skill after learning Sheikh Hasina. Those who do not know, waste a lot of energy and are tired of themselves. For those who want to know about the valley … An explanatory guide makes the area alive.

The price cut that the rental company may be cutting services. Make sure all the tools are … map, safety kit, pedal, life jacket and a good boat. As the first timer, the company's mass subscribers avoid the Canon Launch offer. Choose a service that will take time to review all the information with different groups to understand the route. Such attention is good peace of mind!

With tools and instruction supplies … Start the canoe trip. The river is the biggest surprise for most people. 60 miles away from Toronto, going to the desert of beauty and wildlife, completely unexpected. This amazing setting can not happen by accident. Through the hard work, prudence and intensive management … The author of this success story of the Grand River Conservation Authority (GRCAA)

In the 1960's, the Grand River was a military … nobody could swim, fish or canoe was not there. GRCA Four main functions were: sewer management, renewal of water, river flow regulation and farming support. Through this effort water quality has improved … and species of fish, animals and birds have returned.

But not only the wildlife returned … it has created fishermen, hikers and canoes from Toronto and the surrounding area. What did the Grand River Toronto's best known canoe route; Easy to access, rental canoe and having a desert setting. Today this river is a well-known gem on the back of Toronto. For more information on Grand River Canoe Trips and Location, visit http://www.grandriverrafting.ca/content/guided-canoe-kayak-trips


Look at what's for bed and breakfasts when researching


I'm not saying the website designs for bid and breakfast providers. I have given them in many organizations, photographed them from all corners, sampled meals, and if they are beaten off track and spend time with their owners, then there is a problem finding them.

Sometimes I felt like a hotel inspector. Sometimes I've buttoned my lips and said nothing, sometimes I politely voiced my concerns. If I saw something unbearable, guests would also be interested in talking about a certain bit of it and the trip advisor or social media.

You have a formula in the last sentence that you are researching beds and breakfast providers. Look at their trip advisor. What was the experience of previous guests?

The owners were friendly and helpful, or did they not work as guests in their homes?

Was the rooms and facilities clean and clean? Was the location peaceful or were you looking for a main road and a building site? Was fresh, freshly cooked and generous?

Trip Advisor will tell you all this and more.

Look at how owners respond to negative comments. Remember, there are more chances of annoying guests and those who complain about the smallest thing. Their complaints seem to be valid and how the owner responds?

I always tell my website clients that bed and breakfast customers are shopping with their eyes. Pictures, pictures, pictures. Guests want to see what they are looking like. How the room looks like, what the shower room looks like, what will show from their windows, how the food looks.

If those photos are not on a provider's website, or they are grained and out of focus, ask yourself why it might be? If the website is not updated within a few years it can tell you something.

In general, what you pay for. A B & B that costs 2 rounds for 25 pounds will probably not be smart or spacious to charge £ 145. Low worth means house dirt and benefits do not work.

Check whether you are booking a room or see if it has its own en suite facility. Rolling in the bedroom seems to be a growing trend in the UK for the top swim. If you are young and in love, then you can be very happy to have a bath or watch your partner together. But if you have two friends, are you using the room using the room? Or the parent and the child sharing a room?

You have pets – that dogs welcome. If in doubt, call the owner and ask.

If you have young children, check that B & B children are friendly. You do not want to establish that the organization does not accept the child and your holiday is destroyed. Respect those who do not accept children – they may have bad experiences, they may have an elderly owner, they can run special children's resources.

To see if breakfast prices are included. Some organizations will offer a "room only" rate. If you are only one night and start early, it can be on your side. Or maybe you are one of those people who just do not take breakfast.

Make sure you know what size of bed is. This is not a problem for some couples, but if you are both tall, or on the small side of a wide side, you can choose a bigger double bed – King or Super King size.

Check what the bathroom is provided. Some baths will have a bath with shower. If you have a problem with mobility, you can separate, walk the fountain. Make sure you read the owner's description and check the phone or email if you suspect.

If you are a wheelchair user, or have any other discrepancies, please read the description again and if in doubt, contact the owner to meet your organization's needs.

Most B & B is happy to meet the special dietary needs. Lead your embarrassment not called by your special requirements until you sit down breakfast. Most owners want to meet your needs and if they do not feel uncomfortable and will feel embarrassed – the advance notice will ensure that your meal will be available whenever you want.

Check B & B location. You might want peace and quiet in an isolated, rural location. Or you want to stay anywhere that is easily accessible in local sights and it can not reach the valley of 10 miles per day and down the valley. An online mapping service can usually give you a pretty accurate position and even a street view so that you can see where you are planning to stay.


Trip Advisor – Pack your Suitcases – vacation that does not break the bank!


Many people make easy access to their bank accounts without emptying them. Even a low economy and people becoming more aware of their funding, even do not have to plan holiday plans! There is no need to cancel the family vacation plan; You still have a wonderful family vacation, without taking a loan or without a bankruptcy.


Nature has been great for a holiday that does not cost too long to get back. As the restaurants are expensive, camping lets you pack your own food and add savings to it alone. A RV parking, or a campusite can be a tentative pitch, a small fraction of the cost of a posh hotel. There is no need to raise the budget for activities, including free activities like swimming, fishing and campfire.


Many people think that cruises are expensive and beyond their reach. On the contrary, if you go into the specified time, a cruise can be very expensive. Cruises provide free entertainment and you can eat food bars. Can choose cabinets that are not visible for less rentals. A small cabin can be uncomfortable, there is a lot to do on the ship, which only you have to sleep. For a low cost, a family can enjoy a super holiday throughout the open sea.

Orlando Florida

If someone is willing to take time or two time to share, Orlando may be the place to go. Things are packaged together and often include free theme park tickets, if you can sit through a sales session. Tend to tend to be cheap in the spectrum of hotels and rental cars in this region. Although tickets are expensive in main theme parks, there are many ways to get quick discounts. Every child Disneyworld and Orlando all the sites that love to go along with it. By doing some research, it can be an effective solution for Orlando vacation.

Las Vegas

One list may be surprised to see the Vegas. Vegas can actually be very expensive. The main goals of the hotel are to get one in their casino. Often package deals, including air fare, rental car and hotel, are hard to beat. Thousands of economic buffets and attractions are merely ploys to drag into gambling fingers. If you can stay away from the slot, Vegas can be a wonderfully cheap vacation. But if someone has extra funds then the show in this region is incredible.


The latest trends of vacation, have a steady stay. This is the one where people live near their site all around the city. Annoying words, not really, there is a list of things that can be close to the house:

• Participate in a baseball or other sports game

• Visit the local zoo or recreational park

• Due to busy schedules you go to relatives who do not always visit

• Park has a picnic

Fish, swim and water around nearby lake activities

• Museums and other tourist attractions

With careful planning, one can have perfect vacation and extra money. The downside of the economy only does not mean that we still do not want to get everything. Being creative, more families can get the perfect vacation.